My name is Devin Black and I host and DJ on Aquatic Themes: a show exploring the wide range of electronic music termed “bass music” — a mix of techno, dubstep, grime, drum & bass, downtempo, and everything in between. Expect to hear diverse live mixes of mid-noughties dubstep, grime instrumentals, dub techno, experimental club tracks, abstract techno, half-time drum and bass, and impactful, aquatic downtempo. Guests from both New York City and from the rest of the world are featured regularly.

Upcoming on Aquatic Themes

October 26: Win DJ EZ Tickets!!

Get in touch! My email is Ask me anything, send me hate mail, request me to play more tech house, etc etc


receive – elusive
receive – passive
Mark Pritchard – Give It Your Choir (feat. Bibio)
Jam City – Wet GT
2562 – Intermission
Rhythm & Sound – See Mir Version (Basic Reshape)
Stereo Realist – Get Up
Bored Young Adults – Shy Dancers on Bungalwaldorf Beach
Matthias Reilling – Silverhope Rd



Stereo Realist – Outside Expression

Actress – Linear Tae Fuck

Bored Young Adults – Shy Dancers on Bungalwaldorf Beach

2562 – Terraforming

Lori – Spread (Raimo Respread)

Roman Flugel – Make It Happen

2562 – The Times

Prince of Denmark – Signam

Knowone 001B


Bruce came onto Aquatic Themes during his debut U.S. tour to play some very cool and aquatic music! Ambient beginnings featuring some vinyl he found in New York followed by some serious material. Last hour b2b Shy Eyez

Catch them both on Friday in Brooklyn — more info on Resident Advisor

In the studio w/ some records & friends

Playlist (partial):

Mark Pritchard – Hi Red
Mark Pritchard – Ems
Zomby – Thaw
Aphex Twin – CHEETAHT7b
Kuedo – Severant
Tim ‘Love’ Lee – Everybody Loves The Jungle


Shy Eyez brought a killer mix of bass music & techno to Aquatic Themes! great mixing & some spooky vibes all around