My name is Devin Black and I hosted and DJ'd Aquatic Themes: a show exploring the wide range of electronic music termed “bass music” — a mix of techno, dubstep, grime, drum & bass, downtempo, electro and everything in between. New York City and the tri-state area heard diverse live DJ mixes of mid-noughties dubstep, grime instrumentals, dub techno, experimental club tracks, abstract techno, half-time drum and bass, and downtempo. Guests from both New York City and from the rest of the world were featured regularly.

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The final Aquatic Themes show, broadcast on 9/06/17 on WNYU 89.1 FM NYC. It has been a great run, hosting 126 shows in total & featuring an number of amazing guests. Thank you to all who have tuned in and supported!!!

Wish I had more time to play every genre and vibe, but this classic collection of tunes worked well for the last show!



This is a lot, but in a good way

Fantastic 2 hour UK bass/techno/whatever you call it in 2017 mix from Peri of Denham Audio! Got him to come into the station while he was visiting NYC from Sheffield. Heavy tracks with moments of unexpected lightness that make this an incredibly cohesive & enjoyable block of music.

Big shout out to the caller who, around 12am, freestyled over the phone to me as this mix played. power!

Click here and check out their new Leighton Buzzin’ EP

My 100th radio show! I did the math and that’s roughly two weeks straight spent DJing in the WNYU studio. Every week on 89.1 FM.

This was a proper 3 deck mix, starting off with house & techno and descending into some more rugged stuff. The last hour or so is a pretty belligerent dubstep classics mix so be warned!


Tony Allen – Ole (Moritz Von Oswald Remix)
Jeff Mills – Dream Mechanics
Perc – Bandshell
Monkey Maffia – Filter Funk
Kettenkarussell – Konstant Sleep


Handed the show over to fellow WNYU host Lilli Elias, who hosts The Rhythm Section on Monday nights. She started the show off with ambient/avant-garde music. Then taking over is Yonsei, who brought all his gear to the studio to craft a live techno set. His setup is pretty sick — there’s a TR-707 in there! Definitely check out his productions for some hazy reel2reel techno.