My name is Devin Black and I host and DJ on Aquatic Themes: a show exploring the wide range of electronic music termed “bass music” — a mix of techno, dubstep, grime, drum & bass, downtempo, and everything in between. Expect to hear diverse live mixes of mid-noughties dubstep, grime instrumentals, dub techno, experimental club tracks, abstract techno, half-time drum and bass, and impactful, aquatic downtempo. Guests from both New York City and from the rest of the world are featured regularly.

Upcoming on Aquatic Themes

January 25: Neuroshima b2b Asusu

March 15: Denham Audio

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Started the new year off with 40 minutes or so of techno bangers — just to get it out of the system, then played a bunch bass kinda tracks, finishing it off with some hypnotic Prince of Denmark type stuff!

Mike Parker – Elliptical Dissolve
Korridor – Vacuum Decay (Mike Parker Remix)
Sascha Rydell – Rappel
Markus Suckut – Remains
Mike Dehnert – Treibholz
Objekt – Porcupine
Kolde – Vision 62

Did a rather frenetic 3 deck techno mix. Shoutouts to Ahmed at WNYU for the computer vox drops!

Mike Parker – Voice One
Mike Parker – Lustration One (Khonsu)
Mike Parker – Amalgamated (Extension)
Shifted – Sektor B
Prince of Denmark – Cut 02
Shifted – Persistence of Vision
Korridor – Vacuum Decay (Mike Parker Remix)
Shifted – Leather
Mike Parker – GPH17A2


Broadcast live on 89.1 FM New York on November 30th

Charles from Soul Clap came in and put on a great mix! Love his mixing style, using every bit of the 2 CDJ/2 turntable setup. Included in the mix are killer new songs from the Soul Clap album + releases on their label Soul Clap Records (shout out to Midnight Magic!) Quite a pleasure getting to talk with Charlie as well, particularly about music — he really knows his stuff. Gotta find this Giorgio Moroder record now…

Listen to their newly released album “Soul Clap” at!

Last 45 minutes are an electroish B2B mix between us!

Doctor Jeep and Shy Eyez came through and spun some sick bassy tunes! Really good stuff, and some jungle at the end 🙂

Caught them this weekend in Brooklyn playing right before Loefah — great times there too!

Fun show!! Started off by interviewing BBC Radio 1 host and DJ Benji B, where we talked about the importance of radio and pirate radio as well as the spirit behind his party Deviation. Then Zuri Marley killed it with a dancehall set! Also had a great interview — some powerful words from Zuri about current events. Ended the show with some dubby Aquatic Themes type tunes.